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HPL Series
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Industrial Planetary Gear Reducers

Planetary Gear Reducers

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Planetary Gear Reducers


The HPL industrial planetary gear reducers meet the needs of power transmissions that require high density torque and low velocity in rotary motion of the output shaft.
The HPL series gear reducers offer quality, strength and sturdiness, aspects that make them the best and most reliable option for driving plants and applications in the main industrial sectors.

Available in sizes 010 to 080

Warranty: Two years from the date of delivery

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  • Modular HL coaxial and HB helical bevel planetary gear reducers
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 reduction stages
  • Reduction ratios between 3 and 3000
  • Full range including 13 sizes, with a nominal performance ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 Nm
  • Available versions: HL/HB – fitted for motor coupling, IHL/IHB – with solid input shaft, CHL/CHB – with compact motor, PHL/PHB – fitted for motor coupling with flexible joint
  • Available for assembly in flanged version or with feet
  • High-strength spheroidal cast iron output modules, optimised with FEM analysis
  • Case-hardened steel gears with optimised profiles
  • Gear load capacity calculated according to ISO 6336-2016 and bearings according to ISO 281
  • High resistance to radial loads
  • Eyebolt setup for all sizes, for simple and safe handling
  • Vertical assembly positions with no need for forced lubrication



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